My Quilts

All my quilts are pieced and quilted in a domestic sewing machine , the most important to me : learn and enjoy do it ! Hope you like them .

1- My first , something small , rectangles patch baby quilt or baby nappy changer:

                                 Baby changer and pillow cover matching with a lamp

2-  My First big one :

 St Patrick's Quilt

3- Moda Fabrics , I like that prints fabrics and colours !

                                                               Tiffany Quilt                                                                                                                  
4-  Something bright

                                                        Flowers and oranges

                                                    Flowers and oranges 2

5- Funny tapestry , red shapes and Linen grey backing :

                                                           Twist pinwheels

6- Linen and cotton vivid colours for that big quilt:
                                                              Stars Quilt

7- Tiffany quilt enhanced with FMQ meandering:
                                               same Tiffany Quilted with FMQ

8- More French Gral fabrics ...I love that prints , pinwhels souranded with Irish chain:
                                                  Belle Fleur Quilt
                                                Belle Fleur backing quilt

9- Free design , only enjoying colour and textures :

                                                     French diamond tapestry

10- Amusing French flowers FMQ but also pieced raw aplique ...I like it !
                                   FM Q technique drawn flowers

                                       As a coverlet to enhance bottom's bed
                                              French Flowers quilt as a wall hanging too

11- Enjoying FMquilt technique with tissue paper as a template to quilt over it :
                                                        Pinwheels Chantilly Quilt

                                                 Pinwheels Chantilly 2

12- Amazing Denim Quilt ..similar catedral windows...
                                                             Denim quilt

                                                       Detail of 'catedral window'

13- Wall hanging Kaleidoscope:

                                               Kaleidoscope blue-green-and-white
                                  backing is all white  , I like how it comes up !

14- Made to order , cute tedies !

  Sere here how was made 

16- Dissapering 9Patch with scalloped edges , my first time....and no the last 
                                                   Lila Plum sweet Quilt 

                                                   5 ft Double size bed 
                                                       Backing lilac quilt made on beig contrast prints

17- One of my favourite since I saw I wanted also my first project with a PDF pattern guideline
                                                         Red stars Quilt  

                                                 As a border Irish chain

18- Baskets in tossed charm pack , lovely flowers , I like so much that one from Moda Fabrics:

                                                          Basket Flowers Quilt 

             Backing and border same print flowers fabric in a blue-grey background.

19-  Called 'Diamonds in red' is one of my favourites because is designed by me , free matching red fabrics French inspired , as was pieced made the mattress with patches ticking stripes ,print flowers in either Linen and cotton in this case

French red diamonds 

         A good Christmas present

20- Snowballs with scraps , leftover from RED STARS quilt I've made (see n17 above )

21- This is one I wanted to do, something round , called 'peel orange' pattern block ,
I like so much , it is amazing !

                                               Moonlight peel orange

                Backing on linen

          Focused on the grace of this table topper...the edges :-))

22- Lap Quilt and Cradle protector : Made for my pretty grand-daughter

     All made in cotton for my little 'angel Gina'.

23- Queen Size : ' Embossed Pinwheels grandma Quilt' debuting my new rol :-))

All triangles are embossed, I folded a sq. instead making a HST and I got raised triang.
amazing in't it?! Design by me , you can find the Tuto in the Tutorials section , here in my blog

Please, take a look to the triangles detail !

Meandering Free motion quilt without stitch pressing the embossed triangles :-))

24- Cushion mattress in linen, something small to decorated our living room, porch,bench ..etc

25- ..small too this transfer on linen cutlery holder , a cute way to highlight our celebrations !!

In taupe linen colour, natural linen colour, or in Ivory colour 

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